“It’s time to make life better for all the people of Ontario.”


Sudeep Verma, like so many other residents of Ontario, is a reflection of what has made this province and this country such a great place to live and raise a family. Sudeep arrived in Canada in 2003 and has made Ontario home since first arriving – not only home for his family but also home to his successful business, which now employs over two dozen people.

Sudeep came to Ontario because he wanted to build a better life, recognizing that with hard work and determination, great things can be achieved, and he would be able to provide a good life for his family and contribute more to his community.

Sudeep’s values of hard work, strong family, integrity, and an independent entrepreneurial spirit are truly Canadian values. Sudeep  has rolled up his sleeves and helped out his community in so many ways. Whether its volunteering, or helping out in the business world, providing jobs and opportunities for others – Sudeep has always answered the call.

Now Sudeep is answering another call. He has seen the changes in Ontario over the past number of years. He has seen that increasingly his hard work and independent spirit is not rewarded as it once was. Life in Ontario is getting harder under the Wynne Liberal government.

Sudeep came to Ontario for a better life. Now he feels Ontario deserves better, too.

“I have witnessed the mismanagement and lack of direction by the governing Liberals, led by Kathleen Wynne. Running a small business with a number of employees has meant paying more and more each year to cover hydro, payroll and taxes. Life under the Liberals has become much more difficult. The destructive policies of the past decade have convinced me to take an active role in defeating the Liberals and representing my riding.

I am so grateful to the people in this province who have helped in my success and I look forward to applying my work ethic and determination to making life better for all of Ontario.”

– Sudeep Verma