Contact Sudeep

Please let us know you’re interested in helping Sudeep. Even if you don’t live in the riding there are many ways you can help out. Please be sure to fill out the Contact Form so we can keep you informed and let you know how you can help.


Request a Lawn Sign

We want to paint Brampton East blue! Show your support for Sudeep and the Ontario PC Party by requesting a lawn sign.

Lawn Sign

Make a Donation

Sudeep Verma needs your financial contribution. No amount is too small. We need to pay for office rent, signs, literature, and so many other things. Also, your donation is eligible for a generous tax credit. Please donate!


Spread the word

Sudeep will need the support of as many residents as possible. If you know anyone that might want to help, please let them know that Sudeep needs their support.

To help spread the word, please use these links:

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